Sea Scallop U10
Net weight: 1KG/box
Estimated: (14-15pcs/box)
KANIKA SEA SCALLOP U10  is a variation of scallop that are selected by Kanika due to its great texture and wonderful taste that speaks premium for itself. This sea scallop variation is so huge that a piece of the scallop is the size of your palm (before cooking). Scallops have a unique, mild taste that easily absorbs flavours. When properly cooked they have a buttery, delicate, slightly sweet flavour. Scallops taste “light” and “rich” at the same time. Scallops are succulent. They are not overly “fishy tasting” but do have a briny, saltwater “essence.” Scallops have a flavour similar to lobster and crab with a firmer texture.

Product Specification
– Origin: China
– Storage Type: Frozen
– Weight: +-1kg / box
– Shelf Life: 24 Months
– Halal Certification: Yes
– Quantity: Estimated 14-15pcs / box

Halal Certification:

Instruction for Use: Defrost and ready to cook

Recipe Ideas:
– Steam
– Pan-seared with lemon butter


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