Frozen Silver Fish also known as whitebait. Whitebait is a collective term for the juvenile fish of various species that are typically less than 3 inches (7.5 cm) long. These fish are often caught in large quantities when they swim upstream from the sea into freshwater rivers or streams to spawn. These tiny fish are usually deep-fried and served whole as a delicacy, often accompanied by lemon wedges and tartare sauce. Whitebait have a delicate, slightly sweet flavor and a soft, tender texture.

Product Specification
– Origin: China
– Storage Type: Frozen
– Weight: 1kg
– Shelf Life: 24 months
– Halal Certification: No
– Quantity: 1 Pack

Instruction for Use: Defrost and ready to cook
Recipe Ideas:
– Deep fried and dip in sauces
– Party snacks


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